Welcome to the future!

Welcome to the future!
by Nelson S. Lima (Science Writer)

Workshops and Seminars about THE FUTURE

Foresight is an inevitable instrument of modern management to make decisions and improve success in business. In an age of hyperchange and hypercompetition, developing foresight and seeing our way to the future is harder. But you can now learn more about foresight techniques (such as trend analysis, scanning, scenario analysis, and more) with our help. We offer a variety of lectures, seminars, workshops and courses for individuals, companies and other organizations to understand megatrends and discover the future concerning economic and business development and global trends of general interest.
Workshops, Lectures & Seminars:
- What is Futuring?
- Visions for the 21st century
- How to design future maps
- Foresight, innovation and strategy
- How to think creatively in turbulent times?
- The Exploration of Business Today and Tomorrow
- The Future of Globalization
- The Future of Education
- Prepare your workforce for the future challenges
- Business Excellence in the Knowledge Economy
- New markets, new business
- New world, new values
- New business, new jobs
- New mind for the future challenges
- The end of an Era: the future of management
- Smart decisions in hypercompetitive markets
- Introduction to Neuroeconomy
- What is Neuromarketing?
- What is Neuroadvertising?
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